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Taylor McColgan

Teacher and Torontonian

Taylor is a veteran teacher of more than10 years, and fluent in Japanese.


He has spent years researching effective study techniques, second language acquisition, and the common pitfalls of language learners.

He also has interests in film and photography, camping, and computers. 

Acquire English Toronto Study Learn ESL

"I love the moment when a student finds a new way to think about an old problem.  

Let's squash those old bad habits!"

Our teachers empower students

We want all of our students to be independent learners!  Our highly experienced teachers will show you that learning well is often better than learning quickly, and that by changing your perspective you could change your life!  All of our teachers are certified in ESL education, and have had the pleasure of teaching hundreds of students from around the world.

Would you like to speak with your future teacher?  Why not schedule a skype call with us?

We're always happy to speak with prospective students!


You may notice there are some errors in the testimonials written by students.  This is because we love mistakes!

Mistakes are vital to learning, and by noticing them and correcting them we can improve our language abilities.

Don't worry, we've taken the time to correct and notify each student of their errors here,
but we wanted to show you that mistakes in ESL aren't negative.  They are the beginning of the learning process!

Student Testimonials

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