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Mastery with Mike Boyd


This video is to remind students that while learning is often painful in the beginning, hard work pays off.  Effort is required to make progress.  You must fail many times before you can succeed, but the rewards can be worth it if you don't give up!  Just 10,000 hours to master anything, think about the possibilities!

What's special about Acquire English?  You.

  • Maximum 4 students per class. Feedback is individualized and constant!
    Even your homework is individually assigned based on your needs.

  • Teaches you how to study better so that you can become an independent learner.

  • Learn from our original lessons designed to teach vocabulary and grammar based on the lesson environment.

  • Use English in real situations with real Canadians!

  • Discover what makes Toronto a special city by finding new places and gain confidence so you can explore it yourself.

  • Often more than 6 students in each class.  It is often difficult to receive enough individual speaking time.

  • Homework is assigned to the whole class, not to individuals.

  • Learn mostly from textbooks (that you could buy online!)

  • Simulate using English in real life situations.

  • Spend most of your time in the classroom.

Acquire English Toronto Study Learn ESL
Acquire English Toronto Study Learn ESL
Learning through leadership


Students returning to the program are entered into our LIT, or Leader in Training, program.  They will have the added responsibility of helping both the teacher and their fellow students with the daily activities.  This connects with one of the core principals of our methodology: teach to learn.  Teaching requires us to first understand the subject and consider the process of explaining it.  This is a fantastic way to learn, and our LITs will have those learning opportunities daily!  The LIT course is only available to students who have completed the Foundation course.

Acquire English Toronto Study Learn ESL
Learn how to study


Many students believe the more time they spend in front of a textbook the more they will improve.  While effort is definetly needed to improve your skills, many students waste time and energy studying inneffectively.  We want you to remember and use what you have studied.  Acquire English will set you on the path to success by changing the way you think about language learning forever.  Our advanced study methods are taught and used by every student so that future study can be productive and rewarding.  We too are learners for life, and are always looking for ways to improve our teaching and study methods.

Acquire English Toronto Study Learn ESL
Individualized Direction


Small classes means students have lots of opportunities to speak and express themselves.  This also means the teacher can identify more of their mistakes (we love mistakes!)  
Through close observation our teachers can provide individualized:

- pronuncation correction

-grammar correction

-tasks designed to address specific language problems

-homework assignments

Acquire English recognizes that students develop different skills at different speeds.  We look forward to helping each student differently.

Acquire English Toronto Study Learn ESL

Become a better learner with us


We at Acquire want to teach you how to learn more effectively.  Changing the way you think about learning a language is the first step.  While every student has their own strengths and weaknesses, there are some important techniques that we can all use to change the way we learn and study language.  

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We at Acquire English are always looking for new ideas on how to learn better.  The internet is a great resource for online learning.  We would like to highlight some of the best content for you, so if you like what you see please support these teachers and mentors by subscribing to their channels!  Found some great learning content online?  Let us know!
CollegeInfoGeek: Thomas Frank


Thomas Frank's youtube channel is a goldmine of information on studying better and being a more productive .  Here just one example from his series.

engVid: Online Lessons


The talented teachers at engVid have posted some great online lessons for you to check out.  Here is one I've selected on the common problem of how to use the article "the"

Check out their main page to see lessons from other teachers!

Life advice with Wellcast


Although they have been inactive for a few years now, Wellcast continues to be a fantastic resource for advice from everything to friendship to study techniques.  Here is one that is appropriate for public speaking... how to conquer your fear.  Don't let fear hold you back in life!

Video Tutorials

Video Tutorials 

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