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Toronto is showing its colours this June

Yes, it's pride month again, and for Canadians there's lots to be proud of. We survived another winter! Now that it's nice and warm outside, let's see what's happening in the city this month:

June 14th, 4pm to 10pm

Music, over a hundred vendors, patio space for food and drinks, and all your favourite people will be at the Liberty Street Party this Thursday. Come and say hello!

June 15th to 17th, afternoon to night

Love Italian food and culture? Or maybe you just want some pizza? Come see one of Toronto's best culture fairs, and bring your appetite! Live music daily.

June 16th and 17th, 9am to 4pm

Perhaps you've never heard or seen the famous dragon boats as they speed through the water, but this competition has roots over 2,500 years old. Want to compete yourself? Check the website!

June 19th, (dusk) 9pm to 11pm

Hope for dry weather, because there will be a free public screening of the classic movie E.T. at Trinity Bellwoods. Bring some snacks and something to sit on... and don't forget to take it all with you when you go!

June 21st to 24th Want to understand Canada and Canadian culture? Well then you'll have to start with learning about the First Peoples of Canada. Fort York will showcase live musical and dance performances, interactive art exhibits, and culture talks. Not to be missed!

June 23rd, 7pm

With tickets starting at just $17, everyone can learn what Canadian rules Football is all about. Huddle up, get your friends in formation, and head out to the game!

June 24th, starting at 2pm

Possibly the biggest event of its kind in the world, the Toronto Pride Parade is an event that gets a little crazier every year. Celebrate the LGBTQ community with the rest of North America here in Toronto. Come early and stay late, you never know who or what you'll see!

June 24th, noon to 7pm

Select Sundays over the summer the famous Kensington Market blocks all car traffic in and out of the area to create a wonderful street market! Shop and walk freely through the market, and enjoy the atmosphere!

So show your colours and don't hold back! Now is the time to take advantage of everything Toronto has to offer. See you on the streets!

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