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Free city of Toronto Programs!

Hello students!

Interested in participating in activities in your community but don’t have the money to enroll? The city of Toronto has over $230 in credit towards any city of Toronto run program just for you! Incredibly, all residents of Toronto with low income (under $24,000/year) are able to apply to the Toronto Welcome Policy. You will need some supporting documents to prove your current address and your income, and of course Acquire English is here to help! We’ve tracked down some of the best settlement agencies in Toronto who can help you prepare your application for submission. Here are the requirements for the Welcome Policy as described on the city of Toronto website. Applicants must:

Live in the City of Toronto

Have a before tax family income of less than Statistics Canada's Low Income Cut-Off (LICO) shown in the chart that appears below:

1 person - $24,328

2 persons - $30,286

3 persons - $37,234

4 persons - $45,206

5 persons - $51,272

6 persons - $57,826

7 or more persons - $64,381

The application for the Welcome Policy can be found here.

Because you will need to prove your income you may need help from a settlement agency. These non-profit organizations help newcomers to Toronto like you integrate with Canadian society, and would love to help you! We recommend the following agency to help you with your application:


23 Grange road (Downtown) OR 6075 Yonge street (4th floor) (North York)

Good luck with your applications. Let's stay active in your community!

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